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VijayaDashami ( 2007 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: Vijayadasami is a remake of tamil movie Sivakasi and it is a action drama based movie in which Sivakasi Kalyan Ram lives in Hyderabad. He meets a rich young girl and their acquaintances and mischief act leads to romance.When her father asks Sivakasi to bring his parents for marriage it is revealed that he is on exile. During his childhood his brother blasts crackers which lead to the death of a lady in the village but he puts blame on Sivakasi.His father punishes him for it and banishes him from staying the village. Since then he has been living in Hyderabad. When Sivakasi heads for his village now his father passes away his mother and sister live in miserable conditions due to his brother Durga Sai Kumar who is now MLA.The rest of the film is how Sivakasi teaches his brother a lesson.

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