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Vilayati Nu ( 2009 ) , Punjabi

Synopsis: "���VILAYATI NU��� ���is a story of foreign return young boy namely Bill alias Billa and his Indian (foreign base) wife Killvi alias Kulvinder. They have returned from America to Punjab for celebration of their wedding with Makhan Singh (father), Pyare Mohan (Servant) and other relatives who live together in Makhan Singh���s house. Killvi alias Kulvinder belongs to a family which is settled in America, but she is married to Indian Boy i.e Billa. Billa with his wife Kulvinder have come to India to learn the culture and traditions of Punjab. But his wife Kulvinder speaks in English, wants continental food, wish to enjoy Discos/ Pubs. Besides this, her father-in-law Mr.Makhan Singh wishes that her daughter-in-law Kulvinder should speak Punjabi, eat Makki di roti, Sarson da Saag and drink Lassi. Makhan Singh wants that her daughter-in-law should learn Punjabi but Killvi thinks opposite. She tries to learn English to her father-in-law. There is always good Nok-Jhonk in the house. Billa becomes sandwich among them. He uses to say ��� Meinu, chacha ne panga paa dita te Killvi naal Vyah dita���."

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