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Vroom ( 2010 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "This movie tells a story of Gangsters who try to locate a car that includes a special chip. After Dr. Ramanujam invents a chip, a gangster asks two of his associates, Gigrit and Diana, to locate it and bring it to him. The duo fail to do so after Ramanujam hides it in a red four-door car and disappears. The gangsters manage to trace the car to the Mumbai-based family of Prakash and his expectant wife, and find it is being driven by Prakash's Indore-based brother, Rahul. While wooing Pooja, looking after the family pet, Snowy, and assisting Mrs. Dadabhoi, Rahul has also to deal with Vicky and his friends - who are displeased by his presence around Pooja. Rahul will soon find that the car has a life of it's own, and will soon be on the run from Girgit and Diana - who have been instructed to leave no stone unturned in order to acquire the chip from the car's engine."

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