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Wife ( 2007 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Women are only meant to serve their men, be it husbands, fathers, brothers etc. This is the kind of outlook the film��'s protagonist Sivaji has towards the entire women race. His only aim in life is to settle abroad either by hook or by crook. This is the very reason he tries the patience of his wife (Rukmini), a woman who fell in love with him and also got married to him no knowing his evil plans in store for her. Rukmini notices Sivaji plant secret cameras in their bedroom and she postpones their first night. When she enquire the reason of his trying to commit such a heinous crime he says that he was promised by a person that he would pay him a huge amount if such a thing as this was shot and sold to him. All this was being done by Sivaji to earn enough money and fly abroad. From here beings the vast bridge between Rukmini and Sivaji. He keeps harassing the poor woman to go back to her parents and fetch him enough money settle abroad. "

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