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Yaar ( 1980 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " On the occasion of alignment of all 8 planets a miracle is set to happen. A baby is born in a hospital but his mother dies immediately after the birth. The orphan boy is adopted by a rich man named Rajaraman (Jai Shankar). The boy grows up to be Raja, a normal college going kid. But when he turns eighteen, strange incidents occur and Raja is revealed to be the son of the devil. The only people in Raja's way to stop him from his evil deeds are Jagan (Arjun) and Devi (Nalini). What follows is a string of murders which are committed through dark magic. Everyone who knows Raja's secret are killed one by one. Jagan must find a sage who holds the secret to kill Raja while Devi must turn to God and seek power to stop the devil. Can Raja the devil child be stopped? Can the world be saved from the darkness or will it be too late? "

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