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Yaar Nee ( 1966 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " The film opens in a dark rainy night. Dr. Anand (Jaishankar) gives a lift to a girl dressed in white saree (Jayalalitha). Her behavior is very mysterious. He drops her outside a cemetery, she disappears inside the cemetery. Dr. Anand is confused. A few days later he gets a call that someone is very ill, when he goes to see the patient inside an eerie bungalow, he is shocked to see the same girl there. The final shock comes to him in the form his wife Sandhya (Jayalalitha again) whose face resembles the girl whom he has met before on the road and the eerie bungalow. Who is this girl? Is Sandhya the same girl or is it some spirit that is troubling Dr. Anand. Watch this spine chilling suspense drama. "

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