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Yaare Neenu Cheluve ( 1998 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: " It's a multistar movie.It is a straight remake of the Tamil hit ""Kaadal Kottai"". Director Rajendra Babu can be credited as the captain for a film which is technically and musically superior. The film is entertaining and interesting in its own right. ""Yaare Neenu Cheluve"" almost reminds one of an old-world romance. Here the main hero Surya (Ravichandran) and Kamli (Sangeeta) fall in love and romance each other through letters without having seen or met each other even once. And the first time they meet and get to know each other is the climax of the film. This is the absorbing aspect of the film which keeps it going till then. Ramesh in an even more brief appearance as an aspiring suitor to the heroine, distinguishes himself for what he is a natural actor who can breathe life into every movement and emotion of his. Prakash Rai as the heroine's brother-in-law, makes a forceful impact. His larger-than-life screen presence and impressive dialogue delivery coupled with the nuances of expression make for some riveting and touching scenes in the film. It is worth making that trip to the theatre to see Rai if only for a while.One elementary aspect, which is the essence of the film, is the tender romance between the lovers.Hamsalekha's music enhances the mood of the film. The songs are celebratory: they are tuneful and more than pleasing, perhaps heralding Hamsalekha once again as a talent after a lean patch. D. V. Rajaram's cinematography lends a superior dimension to the film. ""Yaare Neenu Cheluve"" is a sleek production. "

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