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Ye Balam Pardesi ( 2008 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " The actor of this movie Mohan (Ravi kishan) who was the son of retired soldier loha singh, Loha singh has given his son Mohan higher education with it he has also given kung-fu karate and commando training. One day the teacher in the village gives him an advice to learn computer, that in this generation without computer the studies are incomplete. Loha singh gets ready to send Mohan to Patna to learn computers. While going he gives Mohan a magical pendent and advices Mohan to keep his photograph in his wallet. He says that whenever you fall in trouble kiss the sai baba pendent and see my photo and talk, I'll be giving you advices. Mohan left for Patna... At the bus stop he meets a very beautiful girl rasika Mohan feels like he is not climbing the bus stairs instead he is climbing love's stairs. At times because of fights Mohan and Jessica come close to each other. But what did Mohan know that before loving only he had to give a love exam. Bahubal's leader Dahadu singh who was a very proud politician and misused his power by black business. When he came to know that prison minister's daughter rasika is taking a bus from Dharbanga to Patna he left the thief's from the prison behind rasika but Mohan does not let the thief's succeed in their plan. After this incident rasika and Mohan loved each other more than anything else in the world. But when rasikas father, prison minister, came to know about their love he becomes very angry and to get Mohan out of his way he puts the terrorists blame and he plans rasikas wedding with a son of a politician. And another girl falls in love with Mohan who is his friend's sister. There daharu singh a.k.a. Phadu singh is not ready to lose hope and he is behind the prison minister to bail his thief's. To know more watch comedy, action and ten melodious songs love story ""A BALAM PARDESI"" "

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