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Yeh Hai High Society ( 2005 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " This is High Society. It is a story of a millionaire Rahul Khrana, who always enjoys the company of girls but himself dislikes the girls. Rahul appoints the private secretory's and send them to his business clients. The girl who makes friendship with Rahul and goes to bed Killed by him abnormally. After some time a beautiful girl Soniya comes into his life as private secretory to him. Rahul started loving Soniya that's why he dose not want to sleep with her, because he fear himself and couldn't wanted Soniya to be killed. On the ocassion of Soniya,s birth day they celebrate it at Rahul farm house and as it has to happen they goes to bed and make love. Why Rahul killed the girls with whom he made love? Did Rahul killed Soniya? Did he get punished by the court law of law for crime he did to the girls? "

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