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Yuddh ( 2008 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Synopsis : Satya wants love to be won by love. Such a peace loving policy of Sathya disintegrates when he comes looking for his lady-love, Veda in town of Kurnool which is dominated by Ranga Reddy who is armed with weapons, and bombs. Moreover, Veda happens to be the daughter of Ranga Reddy, the local goon. How effortlessly Sathya liquidates the gang of Ranga Reddy and wins the love of Veda form the rest of the story.Yuddh is the Hindi dubbed version of Kannada movie Satya In Love starring Shivraj Kumar and Genelia Satya (Shivrajkumar) falls in love with Veda (Genelia) when he chances upon her nursing a stranger that was seized by an epileptic attack in a public place. Veda vanishes into the crowd and Satya goes in search of her. He comes to know that she lives in Kurnool with her father Ranga Reddy, a terror in the region. Satya goes to Reddy's house but is beaten by henchmen. Veda is surprised to see Satya as she has never seen him before. "

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