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Yuvatha Full Movie ( 2008 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Veerababu (Nikhil) is a young chap of Kesavaram who idly roams around the village. As he's orphaned at a tender age, he grows under the guardianship of his uncle and aunt. One day his uncle questions him of his carefree lifestyle. Raged by the words, the hero goes to Hyderabad to stay with his frien Ajay (Subhash). There he meets Subbu (Ranadheer), Kiran (Narasimha) and Madhavi (Sonia). H gets to meet Baby (Aksha) through them. Baby, who has also lost her parents as a child, usually visits an old-age home seeking solace and befriends the occupants. One day on the occasion of Baby's birthday, Veerababu and friends arrange a party in a hotel. During the party some rowdies behave indecently with Baby. Veerababu enraged by their act, beats them all. Keeping the event in mind, the rowdy group attacks Veerababu and friends one day. During this Subbu gets hurt severely. The operation cost gets estimated as 5 lakhs at the hospital, and the doctors warn that if is not performed Subbu may lose his life. Consequently, Veerababu and friends try all the ways for money but fails to get it. Finally, they approach Laddu Bhai (Narsingh Yadav) the villain, and they borrow the required amount promising to repay it in a week. A week passes by, and Laddu Bhai starts pressuring them from the repayment. Not finding a way the friends plan to robe an ATM. Bad luck strikes them again and a stranger misleads Veerababu and Ajay and flees with the loot of 25 crores, trapping the friends in to the custody of Police. Police take them to the central prison. What are the consequences? Who is the person who looted the 25 crores? Did Ajay's dream of going to America become true? Subbu who was aspiring to be a director, could he make it? Could the security guard Kiran become a Police officer? How did Veerababu and Ajay escape from the prison? This row of questions will be answered on screen in the two and half hour of Yuvatha. "

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