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Zhak Marli Bayko Keli ( 2009 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Zak Marli Baiko Keli is a delightful, romantic, and humorous film. This movie is about Kuldeep - Bharat Jadhav, a qualified and sophisticated bachelor. He has a well-settled life in Mumbai. Asmita - Bhagyashree stays in a small village near Kolhapur. She is a kindhearted girl who knows to keep her values intact. Kuldeep and Asmita's relatives decide to tie their knots and bind them in an unbreakable relation. Asmita and Kuldeep, too, fall for each other. They get married and soon Kuldeep is been offered a high salaried and prestigious job. Kuldeep gets overwhelmed and appreciates his wife for having brought good luck in his life. However, an innocent Kuldeep is shocked when he learns that this job offer is only for unmarried people. Kuldeep does not wish to let such a golden opportunity go away so easily. Hence, he lies about his marital status and commits the biggest mistake of his life. The owner of his company, Simran - Neelam Shirke falls in love with Kuldeep after learning that he is an eligible bachelor of the town. What will Kuldeep do now? Will he cheat his beloved wife? Regale yourself by watching this entertaining Marathi film 'Zak Marli Baiko Keli!'. "

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