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Ziddi ( 1997 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Deva Pradhan lives with his Advocate dad, brother Akash, and sister, Guddi, and comes from a middle-class background. Deva is known and feared for his uncontrollable temper, stubbornness, in particular being overly protective of Guddi. One day he witnesses a man attempting to molest his sister, and he brutally beats him. As a result he is arrested by the police, shunned by his father, and imprisoned. On his return, Deva has acquired new skills in prison, and becomes a dreaded gangster. His sister gets married to Asst. Commissioner of Police, Inder Saxena, and this increases the rift between him and his family. Then Akash is killed, and the only clue left behind is the topper of a ballpoint pen - but before that Deva must himself prove to the authorities that he was not involved in this murder. Before he could even do that, Guddi is killed, and the evidence points at Deva. The police launch a manhunt for him, and in response, Deva abducts the State's Chief Minister. Deva must now unravel the mystery behind the deaths of his brother and sister, and clarify to the world as to how the Chief Minister became his hostage. "

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