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Zindaggi Rocks ( 2006 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Rock star Kriya (Sushmita Sen) is a vivacious lady who lives with her mother, maternal aunt and secretary. Kriya, who is not married, had adopted a little boy years ago. One day, Kriya meets Dr. Suraj (Shiney Ahuja) and takes an instant liking for him. Dr. Suraj also likes Kriya�s lively nature. The two slowly but surely fall in love with each other. However, Kriya is devastated to learn that Dr. Suraj is a married man. The doctor�s wife is comatose and seems to have no chance of coming out of it. Even as Kriya and Dr. Suraj are bonding very well, calamity strikes. Kriya�s son, who is a heart patient, needs hospitalisation. With his condition deteriorating, a heart transplant is his only chance of survival. Kriya is shattered. Despite their best efforts, Kriya and Dr. Suraj are unable to find a donor for the young boy. Ultimately, Kriya thinks up a plan to save her son�s life, but the plan is unacceptable to Dr. Suraj.

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