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Bhagwan Shri Krishna ( 1985 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Super hit movie Bhagwan Shri Krishna (1985) Synopsis : Mathura based Devki lives a wealthy lifestyle with her husband, Gokul. The couple is childless in a kingdom ruled by her brother, the tyrannical and immortal, Kans. When Kans finds out that Devki's 8th child, an avatar of Bhagwan Shri Vishnu, will kill him, he has the couple imprisoned in a dungeon, and systemically kills all their 7 children. After the birth of the 8th child Vishnuji instructs Devi Maa Jogmaya to take his place and in turn she will be worshiped as Chandika, Navdurga, Kalika, and Amba. Gokul manages to smuggle his 8th child to Nand's house and takes Yogmaya back with him. In this way Vishnuji's avatar, Kishanji, grows up with his foster mother, Yashoda, steals clarified butter, teases young women, lifts up mount Govardhan with his little finger, slays Yamraj's sister, Puthna and Tarnavat - demons sent by Kans, rids Yamuna of Kaali Naag, and romances village belle Radha. Kans finally devises a scheme to kill Kishanji by inviting him to Mathura to be the next king. Here Kishanji and his brother, Balaram, fight and overcome a drugged elephant, several strong men, and finally Kans himself. Kishan then frees his biological parents and maternal grandpa, Ugrasen, crowns the later as Maharaj, and departs to Dwarka to be crowned the king much to the chagrin of Jarasangh, the father-in-law of Kans. In Dwarka Kishanji will wed Rukmani, inviting the wrath of her brother, Rukmin, and Shishupal, who had wanted to wed Rukmani. Kishanji will also come to the aid of his sister, Draupadi, when she is being disrobed by Dushashan. He will also welcome a destitute friend, Sudama, and bestow him secretly with a mansion and wealth. Kishanji will also seek the assistance of Suryaputra Bhimsen to overcome Kalyaman and Jarasangh, while he himself will be the horse-carriage driver for Arjun, Bhimsen's brother, in the epic Kurksheshtra battle between the good and evil - assuring in the present day Kalyug (Dark Age: where evil will continue to triumph over good), as well as face death at the hands of a person he least expected to kill him. "

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