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Dev Manus ( 1981 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " In the Village of Vitthal Wadi Inamdar and his family lived a very respectful life. But to contrary Shekar son of Inamdar was addicted to bad habits like alcohol and philandering. Prasad an adopted son by the inamdar grew up as an admirable person with a pleasing personality. This results in enmity between Shekar and Prasad. Prasad and Anju, daughter of Sarpanch are in love with each other. Prasad tries always to work towards the welfare of others by proving employment to the poor. Suma a blind girl was hleped by Prasad as he provided her with a job. Taking advantage of Suma's blindness Shekar rapes her and the blame is put on Prasad and is dragged into village panchayat but Prasad knows the actual culprit. Now will Prasad save the reputation of Inamdar's family by not disclosing Shekar's name or will he sacrifice his love? Watch out for the rest. "

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