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Rajaji ( 1999 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Rajaji is a Hindi movie produced and directed by Vimal Kumar, starring Govinda and Raveena Tandon. Shivnath (Kadar Khan), his wife Parvati (Aruna Irani) and son Rajaji (Govinda (actor)) live in a village. Raja was lazy and wanted to have an easy life. He thinks that if he gets married to a rich woman, then he will not have to work. Rajaji hence goes with his uncle Shadilal (Satish Kaushik) to Mumbai to find a rich girl. In Mumbai, Rajaji sees Payal (Raveena Tandon) in a fancy car. He assumes that Payal must be very rich and gets into a relationship with her. After wedding, Rajaji realizes that Payal was not rich and that she is the daughter of the estate's gardener Singh (Mohan Joshi). Rajaji runs away from Mumbai, back to his home where his parents rejected him. He then returns to his wife but her father in law forces him to leave. Dejected, Rajaji begins working in the factory of Dhanpat Rai."

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