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Ramana ( 2002 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Ramana (Rajendra Babu) is an unemployed graduate, who is against doing 9-5 jobs. He wants to do something on his own to become an entrepreneur. Ramana is son of Venkat Rao (Chandra Mohan) a head clerk in Registrar office. He feels that the process of love between two teens is a sheer waste of time, though he loves Vandana (Mahi). Ramana's uncle (Giribabu) is a doctor whose son is settled in USA. That doctor has a 5-acre land in city outskirts. Ramana offers to manage that land and commercialize it. But it is occupied by a land grabber Sambhu (Pratap Singh). Ramana uses a trick to trigger more rivalry between Sambhu and his archrival Poorna (GV) and gets mileage out of it. "

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