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Tezaab ( 2010 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " This is a story about a villager named Ram (pankal kesri), he is out ht ewhole day having fun with his friends, Ram falls in love with a girl from a village named Radha (anara gupta), But radha is least interested... in that village there was a leader kali yadav(hari lal yadav) whose younger brother chotu (sachin kumar) who had a bad vision on radha. One day chotu finds radha alone and tries to rape her, but at the last moment ram comes and fights with chotu and saves radha from him. And after this incident ram and radha fall in love with each other. Chotu goes through great stress and then he takes radha and rapes her. In front of ram kali yadav murders radha he puts the blame of murder on ram. Ram to prove that it was not his mistake comes out of the jail. Ram's case is handed over to inspector pooja. There ram meets his journalist friend ravi (Rani chaterjee) and asks her for help... What happens next? -Does rani help ram? -Does inspector pooja catch ram? -Does ram punishes chotu for his mistake? -Does kali yadav help his younger brother from ram? To know more see ""TEZZAB"" "

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